Employment opportunities in Australia

It looks like Australia escaped the worst of the recession and faces a shortage of skilled workers. This presents opportunities for those looking to escape Ireland’s recession which is the worst since the foundation of the State and no end in sight. Unemployment in Australia is around 5% one of the lowest rates in the World. The boom in China has created an enormous demand for Australia’s agricultural, mineral and energy commodities. These are labor intensive industries which create demand right across the Australian economy. In the year to the end of June 2010 over 3,000 Irish people got permanent-residence visas this is compared to around 2,500 in the previous year. For many Irish it is not just the employment opportunities available. Many want a change of scene, a chance to start afresh in a more optimistic country with the added attractions of sunshine, sand and sea.

CCM now offers a full visa service for those interested in travelling to Australia. Please see our website and send us your details if you are interested in moving down under. We are particularly interested to hear from experienced medical staff, qualified engineers and the core trades such as carpentry, electrical and plumbing. CCM has offices in Australia to provide support to new arrivals. It is important to use a qualified registered Agent to make sure that you application is professionally prepared with no mistakes which would delay the process or lead to a rejection of the application.

The Irish Times had a very interesting article on immigration to Australia recently. It makes some very good points and is certainly worth checking out for those considering a move down under.

How to emigrate to Australia 

* Irish people can take many routes to work legally in Australia. These range from one-year working-holiday visas to time-limited visas (which enable the visa holder to work for up to six months for any one employer) to time-limited visas based on specific skills, to permanent residency.

* Permanent residency is based on a points system, with points accumulated based on your age, education, skills and English-speaking ability.

* Visa requirements are regularly updated based on Australia’s needs. It is possible, for instance, that the recent floods disaster in Queensland could lead to an increased number of visas given to people from the building trades. State governments and employers can sponsor visa applicants. For the latest information and updates see immi.gov.au.

* The Australian embassy will be the first port of call for many. The address is 7th Floor, Fitzwilton House, Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2. Phone 01-6645300.

* Applying for jobs online is very common and easy in Australia. The biggest job-search site is the government-run jobsearch.gov.au.

* Studying in Australia allows students to work part time during term and full time out of term. There are many courses, both academic and vocational, that qualify for visa programmes. See cricos.deewr.gov.au for details.

* If you are concerned about the distance from home and worried you might not be able to bear being apart from your family, it might help to have a look at how others are coping. See expatforum.com.

* Is my skill one that is needed in Australia? Check out if you are needed down under. Everything from accountants to zoologists is noted at http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/sol/#a

If you are thinking about moving to Australia and in particular if you are thinking about bringing your family make your plans carefully. Prepare a checklist of everything you need to consider. Then approach an expert to guide you all the way. There are fees involved depending on the level of service but they may save you from disappointment and heartache in the long run. CCM has been mobilizing people to move overseas for over 20 years. We are the experts.

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