Middle Eastern Delights – Sunny Days and Arabian Nights!

You can enjoy the beaches and marine life of the Red Sea, the contrast of sand and oasis, or the mountain greenery of the south-west. Inevitably your first port of call will be one of the big cities: Jeddah, on the Red Sea coast, or the capital, Riyadh. Lose yourself in the market-place bustle of the souks; or wander out to gaze at remains of long-lost civilizations that flourished and declined along the old spice routes.

Even the most familiar activities will take on a new dimension in the eternal sunshine of the Arabian Peninsula. So, try to escape from the city as often as possible to sample the splendours of the great outdoors; camping in the desert, riding a pure-bred Arabian horse and sailing/scuba diving in the Red Sea or the Gulf will be unforgettable experiences.

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