The New Year has always been about the celebration of releasing the past and embracing the future.

As the bells strike midnight we raise a drink or two and usher in the beginning of a New Year, we gather with friends and family, sing, dance and generally make merriment as they say. Resolutions vary little from year to year, lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, and the most popular in the last few years and especially this year spend more time with loved ones. Each year we swear blind that no matter what this time, this year we will stick to our resolutions. While most of these resolutions will inevitably be forgotten by the end of month maybe two if we’re really determined, so if you’re making or made your New Year Resolutions, there are a one or two tips experts say will help you succeed

1) Be realistic- don’t try to take any too many things as once,

2) Small steps- go slowly and forgive yourself your stumbles better to take your time reaching your goal then never reaching it all

3) Write down your goals- it’s easier to do something when there’s a reminder right in front of you. (http://weeklyhealthtip.blogspot.com/2011/12/health-tips-keeping-your-new-years.html)

And more importantly enjoy the new opportunities that come your way. In the New Year may your right hand always been outstretched in friendship and never in want (Irish Toast)

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