The Festival of fires is a huge cultural celebration. The festival’s held on the Hill of Uisneach in Co. Westmeath once thought to be the exact centre of Ireland and known as the Naval of Ireland.  From the Hill of Uisneach it is said that you can see 20 of the thirty two counties in Ireland (on a clear day!).  It was from here the island was divided into its provinces. Located on the side of the hill is the Cat Stone called such because its meant to look like a cat teasing a mouse. Legend says that the Mother Goddess Eriu who gave her name to the island of Ireland (Eire) is buried underneath the cat stone. http://www.lookaroundireland.com/celticinteractive/uisneach.htm

Smaller events take place in all 32 counties with fires lit on hilltops at the very moment the Uisneach fire parade begins. A modern replay of what occurred on the Hill and across Ireland thousands of years ago to celebrate the beginning of summer, the feast of Bealtaine.

This unique festival village features several musical stages, food & drink villages, art installations, heritage trails & guest lectures, comedy, spoken word, debates, hundreds of horsemen & women, arts & crafts workshops to name a few of the attractions and entertainments that make up this festival. (http://www.discoverireland.ie/whats-on/festival-of-the-fires/80352)


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