Prudhoe tank overflows

A processing tank on BP’s Prudhoe Bay facility in Northern Alaska overflowed, filling a secondary containment area with crude oil and water, company spokeswoman Dawn Patience confirmed on 23 May 2012.

The spill occurred Monday afternoon at Flow Station 2 from tank No. 1984, according to a situation report filed with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC). The report attributed the spill to a failure of instrumentation and valves used to control fluid in the tank during processing.

Patience said that no injuries had been reported and that there were no environmental impacts suffered by the spill. BP said in the ADEC report that air quality continues to be monitored at the spill site.

An estimated 100 barrels of fluid, including a mixture of produced water and crude oil, overflowed from tank No. 1984. Patience said that the fluids are held in place due to the containment area’s impermeable liner. Workers will remove the spilled fluids with a vacuum truck while spill response technicians remove contaminated snow and gravel.

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