Written by Karen Cague, Registered Nurse

What a great privilege it is to live and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This currently  mysterious Muslim society is steeped in tradition but defined by paradox. The fabulously wealthy royals, oil wells, and modern technology, alongside fundamentalist clerics, whose ideals date back 1400 years to the Prophet Mohammed.

Nursing in the middle East is an experience not to be missed! Living and working with a bunch of like minded people from all over the world is fantastic. Most of the nurses here are on a mission to either expand their knowledge, save money, or to travel. The most dedicated can do all three!

Patient care is both challenging and rewarding. The people of Saudi Arabia have health conditions and co-morbidities rarely seen in the western world.

Geographically Saudi Arabia is perfectly positioned for travel. My first holiday after 3 months in the Kingdom is a 14 day tour of India. To see the Taj Mahal is a lifelong dream, and easily affordable when earning tax free dollars in the Kingdom. I am already my already planning my next trip to Greece and the Greek Islands in September.

The food and the shopping here in the Kingdom are amazing. There are the most delectable sweets, pastries, and breads (definitely not for the diet conscious) as well as the very latest in designer clothes, and exotic jewellery. Even the humble abaya can be a fashion statement!

To all of those nurses looking to  revive their career, meet new people, and have a life changing experience, come to the Middle East, there is no other place like it! Under the direction and guidance of Raquel from CCM my transition from the west to the east was seamless. Every detail was taken care of by CCM. All I had to do was pack my bags.

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