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United Kingdom FAQ

  • Why should I go to work in the UK?

    Benefits include the following:

    • Newly qualified nurses welcome
    • Salary assessed on your experience and qualification
    • Opportunity to take the ENB 100 Course at level 2 or 3
    • Excellent Sterling Salary
    • Subsidised accommodation
    • Educational Opportunities available
    • Free Flight to point of hire
  • What is the standard working week in the UK?

    For nurses the standard week is 37.5 hrs. However this increases with night duty etc.

  • What will my salary be?

    Salaries are graded and based on the Whitley Scale for Nursing. They are dependent on experience and number of years qualified.

  • Is accommodation easy to find and how much would one expect to pay?

    Accommodation prices in London can be expensive and prospective candidates should shop around. Rents vary from £125 per week for a one-bedroomed apartment and £200 per week for two bedrooms.

    In any area there will be wide variations due to factors such as the quality and condition of the accommodation, distance from public transport and shops, local amenities and the general nature of the locale. You may well find accommodation that costs less than indicated; you will certainly be able to pay more for the premium properties. London is a very large city and there is a wide variety of accommodation types. Below are some links to accommodation.

    • www.homefromhome.co.uk
  • What public transport is available in the UK?

    London's internal transport infrastructure is both large and complex, but it needs to be, as millions of people live and work in London, and mainly use Public Transport to get around.

    The choice is as extensive as in any other major international city. The Underground (Tube) is the cornerstone and most areas have a local tube station, whilst on the roads above, the big red Double Decker Buses and the famous Black Cabs get people to the places that the tube cannot reach.
    The smart way to travel is to buy a London Visitor Travelcard. These are available for 3, 4 or 7 consecutive days. The card can be used on the Underground, the red double-decker busses, and the Dockland Light Railway for the full ticket.

    The Central Zone Travelcard covers London’s two inner zones. The All-Zone Travelcard covers all six zones, transfers to Heathrow Airport and travel on the Docklands Light Railway.

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