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Living and Working abroad

The Big Decision…

The decision to work and live abroad is a big one, no doubt about it. CCM is here to help you make that decision. We will provide you with the job opportunity and guide you along the way. However, the final decision always has to be with you. CCM will provide you with the pros and cons but we will always leave the final decision to you. That’s how we work. No pressure. CCM is in business 25 years, we have provided opportunities for thousands just like you and very few have ever told us that they were sorry that they made the move. Many have told us that is was the best decision they ever made. They often quote the following reasons and not necessarily in this order:


Many of our candidates picked the Middle East as their destination of choice for financial reasons. The salary and benefits available in the Middle East make it possible to save money in order to buy a house, travel the world, further your education or just to save for a rainy day. A financial reserve is useful in uncertain times.

Cultural Experience

The second reason is often quoted as cultural. Just to see how others live from day to day in a very diverse world. In the Middle East you are likely to meet nationalities from more than thirty countries.

They will have their own particular culture which is often very educational and enriching. Their language, beliefs, food, dress and values can be very different and fascinating. They will of course regard you as different and fascinating too. It’s a cultural melting pot where everyone learns new things, by and large support each other and make new friends.


The wonderful thing about making friendships in the Middle East is that they can last a lifetime. This is particularly true today, with the internet and the facilities provided by Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sharing technologies. Visiting the home countries of new friends and colleagues and inviting them to visit you, can be very rewarding and an added bonus.


Most employers in the Middle East and in particular the large hospitals offer training and career development. There are opportunities for promotion for the ambitious and an opportunity to test your management skills in a multi-cultural environment.

Professional Network

It can be very rewarding to develop an international professional network. This can open up further opportunities for you to become aware of new opportunities throughout your career.

Personal Development

International travel and work experience is an excellent way to improve your CV. It will indicate your knowledge, decision making, courage and skills acquired overseas.

Faraway Places

It is often said that the Middle East is close to faraway places. If you like to travel and explore new places there is a huge choice and often a travel club to go with and share the experience. There are Roman, Greek and Byzantine ruins in the region. Nabatean tombs in Saudi Arabia. The region is full of history. India, Thailand and Singapore are close by. Then there is spectacular diving in the Red Sea and shopping in Dubai. You never need to experience a dull moment.

Culture Shock

Nothing is of course perfect and there are downsides to international work and travel. In our experience the most common and difficult is culture shock. Anyone who is planning to work and live overseas should study this behavioural issue before they travel. When you leave home you leave behind your family, home, friends, colleagues and workplace. You will miss them all, including the local places in which you spend time socialising. In addition, the climate, customs, clothes, work hours and work days may be different. It takes time normally two to three months to fully settle in your new location and workplace. It also takes time to develop new friendships, new interests and stop seeing the place you left behind in rose tinted glasses. The skill you need to overcome culture shock is patience and the ability to stay cool and calm. After a couple of months or less it passes and you begin to fully enjoy the challenges and opportunities in your new life. When you return home your colleagues and friends will be in the same place doing the same things and you will have had a great experience and a bagful of stories.

Next Step

If you have the qualifications and experience to work overseas in Healthcare or Engineering contact CCM and we will advise and guide you to the best of our ability in an honest, professional and friendly manner.

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