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Staff Nurse ITU - United Kingdom
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Staff Nurse Neonatal - United Kingdom
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Sister/Charge Nurse Oncology - United Kingdom
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Senior Infection Prevention and Control Nurse - United Kingdom
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Modern Matron ITU & AAU - United Kingdom
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Senior Charge Nurse Med/Surg - United Arab Emirates
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Senior Charge Nurse Operating Room - United Arab Emirates
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Senior Charge Nurse ICU - United Arab Emirates
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Senior Charge Nurse Emergency Room - United Arab Emirates
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Senior Charge Nurse Paediatrics - United Arab Emirates
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Welcome to the Middle East

Some of the most attractive aspects of working in the Middle East are:

  • Salary Paid Tax-Free
  • Free accommodation
  • Free Flights
  • Medical cover
  • Bonus schemes on completion of contracts.

Many who have worked in the Gulf States, have had the experience of a lifetime, made life long friends, travelled the world and returned home financially secure.

Saudi Arabia has become a land of opportunity with more than 2 million foreign workers, one in six of the population. Job openings attract people from Ireland, the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia and the Far East.
Saudi Arabia is not a conventional tourist destination. Most people go to Saudi Arabia for business or to fulfil the once-in-a lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca.

Although there are fewer opportunities, the United Arab Emirates is also a destination.

When you have time off you may want to venture out and see something of this unique country. Steep ridges, rolling dunes and dazzlingly green oasis contrast with the underwater wonders of the Red Sea coral reefs. Lose yourself in the market-place bustle of the souks; or wander out to gaze at remains of the long-lost civilisations that flourished and declined along the old spice routes.

The enjoyment and success of your trip may depend on your willingness to respect the Saudi way of life. Learn a few words of Arabic with its elaborately turned phrases - you will give infinite pleasure and open the door to renowned Saudi hospitality. You cannot fail to come to terms with the key phrase “in shalah”, meaning “God willing”. It is one of the most important phrases in Arabic. Allah takes care of everything. All Saudi life revolves round this simple, but fundamental rule.

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