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My London nursing experience

My London nursing experience-  An adventure I encourage for all nurses London girl

We spoke with an Australian Trained Registered Nurse about her recent move to London. Here is what Rachel had to say about her experience:

How has working in London affected your clinical experience?

Relocated to London (from Australia) has proven perfect to increase my clinical exposure to a new variety of patient populations, conditions and nursing standards. The hospital I now work in has great facilities and an advanced approach to diagnostics and treatment compared to back home. I take advantage of every opportunity to further my skills and expand my professional scope.

Describe your lifestyle in London.

London offer something for everything and I’m trying to make the most of every opportunity. I’m heavily involved in some great social sports clubs with lots of other Aussies and Kiwis to keep active. It was a great way to meet people when I first arrived and we have stayed great friends. The causal ‘pub lifestyle’ has rubbed off on me, I tend to go out more than I would back home. I also love exploring the local food and craft markets on the weekends.

What is your favourite aspect of living and working in London?

Being part of an expat community, I have met people from all over the globe, giving me even more reasons to travel! I love my social network – keeping me busy on days off. I’m always doing something fun like visiting museums and art galleries, going out to pub and gigs and travelling either day trips to the countryside or sea or further afield into Europe. I’m building amazing memories from all my adventures which I would never have achieved if I hadn’t moved to this side of the world.

What have you found the most challenging aspect of living and working in London?

It took me some time to settle in and become accustomed to a new hospital system. When I first started working, I found all the policies so different and wished I could just do things that way I knew how. I found that remembering why I moved, helped overcome this challenge, changing my perspective to take every opportunity as a learning curve and focus on the positives.

Would you encourage others to make the move to London (from Australia or New Zealand)?

YES! I would highly recommend it! The NMC registration process can seem daunting, but it is well worth the effort. You can gain great clinical and professional skills as well as exploring the world. Seeking professional guidance with your nursing registration would be my best tip. It is a long process and I appreciated having somebody checking in on me along the way. Being able to pick up the phone and gain assistance really helped and made the process smoother.

  • Rachel, RN ICU, London 2016

If you are considering a career change, now is perfect timing to take advantage of London Hospital visits in Australia and New Zealand. Hospital representatives will be holding information presentations & interviews this April.

Contact us to attend and apply for current vacancies


AUS Free Phone: 1800 818 844

NZ Free Phone: 0800 700 839

Australian & New Zealand Nursing Information Days

Australian & New Zealand Nursing & midwifery Information Days

Australian & New Zealand Information Days


CCM Recruitment are holding information sessions across Australian and New Zealand this coming March:









Come and meet the team to learn about our exciting locations. Ask us about our experiences nursing in these locations, the relocation and application processes. Current vacancies will be discussed including a new Paediatric Hospital in Dubai plus upcoming interviews for openings in London.


These sessions a great way to meet other nurses keen to travel – so bring a friend or two and kick start your career with CCM Recruitment.


To find out when we will be visiting your city, and register your interest please contact us today.

AUS Free Call: 1800 818 844

NZ Free Call: 0800 700 839

Email: info@ccmrecruitment.com.au


Keep up to date with our trip details on Facebook

Careers with CCM Australasia

New Year Resolutions & How To Keep Them

New Year- 2017 time To Succeed

The New Year has always been about the celebration of releasing the past and embracing the future. As the bells strike midnight we raise a drink or two and usher in the beginning of a New Year, we gather with friends and family, sing, dance and generally make merriment as they say. Resolutions vary little from year to year, lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, and the most popular in the last few years and especially this year spend more time with loved ones. Each year we swear blind that no matter what this time, this year we will stick to our resolutions.

While most of these resolutions will inevitably be forgotten by the end of month maybe two if we’re really determined/lucky. If you’re making or made your New Year Resolutions, there are a one or two tips experts suggest

1) Be realistic– don’t try to take any too many things at once

2) Small steps– go slowly and forgive yourself your stumbles better to take your time reaching your goal then never reaching it all

3) Write down your goals- it’s easier to do something when there’s a reminder right in front of you.


To stay up to date we update our social media every day so by becoming a fan on Facebook or following our tweets you can make sure that you hear the latest things first. Connect with us to get the latest info, job vacancies, interview and workshop dates. To learn more visit www.ccmrecruitment.com


CCM Recruitment International Festive Holiday & New Year Opening Hours

simple Intl

 Season Greetings from CCM Recruitment International

 CCM  would like to take this time to thank all the nurses, midwives and allied healthcare professionals we have worked with throughout 2016. It has a been a pleasure working with you all and we look forward to what adventures the new year will bring.

 For all those who have travelled with CCM this year, we hope you are having a great time and loving life in your new location. For those looking for the next adventure, 2017 is the perfect time to kick start your career with CCM.


The Opening hours over this festive period for Dublin & Australian offices are:

Monday 26th Dec – Closed

Tuesday 27th Dec – Closed

Wednesday 28th Dec – 10.00 to 16.00

Thursday 29th Dec -10.00 to 16.00

Friday 30th Dec -10.00 to 16.00

Monday 2nd Jan 2017 – Closed

Business will return as usual from

Tuesday 3rd January 2017


Thank you again for a joyful year and we wish you, your friends and family a happy and safe holiday time.

Nursing Jobs In London

London landing page image


London’s Calling!

Representatives from a large private hospital network, with specialised facilities across London, are visiting Australia and New Zealand this April.

Auckland – Friday 21st April

Brisbane – Monday 24th April

Sydney – Wednesday 26th April

Melbourne – Thursday 27th April


This is your chance to meet the team, learn more about living & working in London and attend an interview. Nurses with the following experience are encouraged to apply:





Intensive care

Relocating to London is a fantastic opportunity offering a wealth of experience both personally and professionally. Great employment benefits are available to kick start your London life including flights, accommodation, orientation pack and financial support with your nursing registration.

CCM Recruitment will guide you through application and registration processes, supporting you every step of the way. Specialised information and preparation guides are available for nurses requiring support with the UK Nursing Registration including our video tutorial:

To find out more or apply, please contact us today.

AUS Free Call – 1800 818 844

NZ Free Call – 0800 700 839



Nursing Information days & interviews this December, Australia & New Zealand

Nursing Information days & interviews this December Australian & New Zealand

Information days & interviews this December

Australia & New Zealand

Experience the unique culture and traditions of Saudi Arabia whilst gaining invaluable work experience in an internationally renowned hospital.

The King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) is a well-established, tertiary facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Magnet and Joint Commission International Accredited facility, offers the highest standards of care to all specialities. While renowned as the nation’s referral centre for oncology, organ transplantation and genetics, nursing opportunities are available across all areas.


Hospital Representatives will be in Australia and New Zealand this December, holding information sessions and interviewing nurses.

Auckland Wednesday 7th December

Brisbane Thursday 8th December

Sydney Monday 12th December

Melbourne Tuesday 13th December

Employment benefits include:

  • Salary paid tax free
  • Accommodation provided with free utilities
  • Fantastic recreational facilities (gym, swimming pools, etc.)
  • Vibrant expatriate social life
  • 54 days annual leave
  • Paid flights for contracts
  • Sign on bonus
  • End of service bonus
  • Health insurance

Professional development and career progression are strongly encouraged at KFSH&RC, with advanced education options available. Working in this multi-disciplinary academic environment, will also see you participate in ongoing research projects to ensure the latest evidence based practice is achieved.

Extensive orientation programs are provided to staff, to ease the transition of living and working in Saudi Arabia. With so many social groups and activities, you are bound to make friends and memories that last a lifetime.  

To participate in this opportunity, please contact your personal recruitment consultant today via email or telephone:

AUS Free call – 1800 818 844

NZ Free call – 0800 700 839


Nursing Webinar- Lifestyle & Social Aspects of the Middle East

Nursing Webinar- Lifestyle and Social Life In the Middle East


Following great success of the inaugural CCM Webinar, Nursing & Travel in the Middle East, the Australian Team is holding the next webinar.


Lifestyle & Social Aspects of the Middle East


Differences between Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates


Wednesday 9th November


8pm Eastern Standard Time

Moving to the Middle East offers exciting opportunities to experience unique culture and traditions. A smooth transition to this part of the world requires more than preparation for the change in work environment – your social life is just as important! With so many lifestyle options, you are sure to make memories and friends that last a lifetime.

In this FREE webinar, experts: Raquel Mitchell and Sarah Neale, will discuss the differences between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They will offer examples of social groups, activities and events you can get involved in to ensure you live life to its fullest and enjoy the lifestyle of the Middle East. This is your opportunity to ask questions, and find out everything you ever wanted to know about the lifestyle and social life differences you will encounter in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Spread the news of this event with your colleagues. And be sure to add the time of the live event to your calendar, and bookmark the web address to participate in live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_BeGuQJIZE

CCM Webinars will be offered regularly for healthcare professionals to learn more about living and working overseas, countries available and current opportunities. Your feedback on topics is always appreciated and suggestions are welcome to what you would like to know more about.

For updates on webinar dates and topics or to make suggestions, please like us on Facebook Careers with CCM Australasia’

Nursing In Saudi- A Nurse’s Point of View

Nurses, Where in the world to next?

Whether it’s career progression, travel opportunities or earning extra cash topping your agenda maybe you should think about nursing in the Middle East. Why nurse in the Middle East? Why not, is the better question?Middel East Nursing Jobs

It boasts amazing benefits and social life. Many, who have worked in the Gulf States, have had the experience of a lifetime, made lifelong friends, travelled the world, and returned home financially secure. (How many people can say that?)

Still unsure? That’s OK, moving overseas to work can be a daunting experience. At CCM all our recruiters are nurses themselves who have lived and worked overseas, they had all the same questions as you did, but sometimes you want a second opinion.

https://nurseinsaudi.wordpress.com/ is a blog from a recently travelled nurse to Saudi Arabia, and all that goes with it, the good, the bad, the hard, and the fun. If you’re thinking of working overseas as a nurse, it’s a good read from someone who not too long ago went from thinking about nursing overseas to actually doing it. And then ask yourself 3 simple questions

  1. Do you want to upgrade your skills?
  2. Do you want to advance your career?
  3. Are you looking for an adventure, to expand your horizons and experience a new culture and way of life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, take the first step into this exciting adventure today and submit your cv today to info@ccmrecruitment.com

Nursing Jobs Guernsey

Nursing Jobs Guernsey

          Currently recruiting Nurses in the following specialities






Mental Health

Palliative care




Critical Care

Interviews & Presentations taking place in Dublin And London, November 2016 


Guernsey is located approximately 100 miles Southeast of England and you can see France on a clear day.  Guernsey is 24 square miles so there is NO RUSH Hour. Transportation is either by, bus, bike or car. The beach is everywhere and restaurants are a way of life. Beautiful and tranquil! Think British with a French flair. Guernsey offers a wonderful life style in which to live and work as a nurse.  



The Benefits:

  • Enjoy the laid back lifestyle, surrounded by picturesque beaches.
  • Competitive salaries for nurses bands 5 to 8
  • Low tax (tax rate of 20%)
  • Assistance with flight over
  • Subsidized accommodation
  • Specialty bonuses (applicable to certain specialties only: £3000after 2 years and a further £3000 after a further 2 years)
  • A payment of £1,097 will be paid every February to all full-time staff who have been in the post for 12 months as at 31st January. Pro-rata payments will be made to those with less than 12 months service and those working part-time.

For More Information about these positions or to book your interview place, email your most up to date cv to Emma at  emma@ccmrecruitment.com

Nurses, Midwives & Allied Health CCM Australia & New Zealand Information Road Trip

Australia Road Trip Banner Nursing Information Days


Nurses, Midwives & Allied Health

CCM Australia & New Zealand Road Trip


CCM Recruitment are headed on the road, hitting all their favourite cities to spread the word about the latest employment opportunities from around the world.

Along the way we would love to meet registered nurses, midwives and allied health professionals for informal chats. Come and ask us about our experiences, current vacancies, relocating overseas and how to apply.

Bring a friend or meet new people with similar interests to you.

Explore your career options and see where CCM can take you.

To find out when we will be visiting your city, and register your interest please contact us today.

AUS Free Call: 1800 818 844

NZ Free Call: 0800 700 839Kanagroo Sign- Nursing Info Day

Email: info@ccmrecruitment.com.au

Keep up to date with our trip details on Facebook

Careers with CCM Australasia

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