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Writing guidelines for your C.V.


Do note that many international employers require “fuller” “Personal Details” for future work visa/permit purposes, etc.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Marital Status
  • Contact Details – should include full mailing address, telephone number, fax and e-mail address
  • Notice required to current employer


Please include all academic achievements and include your dates (month and year of degree/fellowship/training). Start with the most recent first.

Professional Registration:
Please include name of Professional Body – plus contact details – along with your registration/licensure number, expiry date, etc.


Information to be included for each and every position held – please ensure that there are no chronological gaps in your CV. Likewise, please start with the most recent first. The following information has to be included:-

  • Duration of position-from month and year-to month and year (no need to include date ie. Sept 25th 2001…just Sept 2001 will do!)
  • Brief description of hospital, i.e. Number of beds? Public or private? Teaching hospital? General Hospital? What Tertiary Services? Acute? Trauma Centre?
  • Description of Unit/Ward/Department – bed numbers, case mix, types of patients cared for, Patient/nurse or doctor ratio, work volume etc.
  • Your duties/responsibilities –at least 10 – 15 points: what is your position/title? Reporting to whom?  Number of operations performed per annum? Are you full or part-time? Competencies gained? Special equipment used?
  • Describe any managerial experience you have – how many employees did you supervise? On what shifts, and how many hours per week?
  • If you are a Midwife – number of deliveries – personally and in the entire hospital per month, what type of deliveries? If you are a rotating midwife, to what areas, how often?
  • If you are an OR nurse – how many theatres in the hospital? Do you scrub, circulate, recover, anaesthetics? What lists do you do?


Names, job titles and hospital address, telephone, fax number and e-mail of 2 Senior staff. Your referees must all be at least at supervisory level.

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