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10 Easy Steps To Understand the Middle East Recruitment Process

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Deciding to work overseas as a nurse can be exciting time as well as a challenging time. The process of not only find the right job but getting it and getting over there can seem daunting. Trust us, we know how daunting it can look (so much paperwork…) but we also know how straight forward it can be. We’ve been placing nurses overseas in the Middle East for 25+ years, we’ve the process down to a fine art.

So, first things first before I list the how’s, the what’s and the things to do, a checklist of sorts, remember this “The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” – Flora Whittemore

OK, great, so we’ve decided to work overseas as a nurse. YAY!!

Step 1

Submission Of CV and Inquiry of Interest- The first stage is submitting your up to date cv or applying to one of our job postings through the website or Register Here You can also register your interest, this way you are added to our database and when we have jobs that are suited to you, we’ll get in touch with all the details. Once your cv is received, we’ll send you application forms to be completed. The forms vary by the hospital but won’t take long to complete.

Step 2

Submission of Completed Application Forms- This next step varies in length. The quicker you fill out the forms the quicker we get them and can proceed to the next step, the submission to client. So, our advice once you get them fill them in, if there’s something you’re not sure about drop your recruiter an email or call they’ll be happy to explain.

Step 3

Submission of Application To Client- Yes, you’ve completed the forms, now we can begin to the search for the right job for you. With Clients all over the Middle East, we’ll find the hospital and suited to you. We have recruited thousands of nurses and healthcare professionals to all over the Middle East. Our recruiters are experienced nurses who have worked in the Middle East, they know what it takes to work in the Middle East.

Step 4

Interview with Client (Telephone/Skype)- Congratulations, the Hospital wishes to interview you. This is done either through skype or phone. You can find our hints and tips for a successful telephone or skype interview in job seekers advice section on the website.

Step 5

Approval & Signing of Offer Letter- Congratulations on your new job. Time to celebrate!! Once you’ve finished celebrating its time to get the rest of the paperwork. Don’t worry, it won’t be too bad. (Your processor will send you a list of what is needed) This includes signing your offer letter.

Step 6

Obtain References- Reference details are provided for at least two direct supervisors. We don’t contact your referees until you give us permission.

Step 7

Commencement of Visa Processing & Pre-Employment Medical- Once all your documents have been received, we start applying for your visa. This process may take a couple of weeks. It also at this time you have your pre-employment medical, the requirements for medicals differ from hospital to hospital but your processor will advise you.

Step 8

Visa issued- Your visa has been issued and stamped on your passport; we can now start arranging a date for travel.

Step 9

Notice to your current employer.- It is only after your passport has been stamped that we advise candidates to hand in their notice. Once the notice is handed in we can request a travel date from the client.

Step 10

Travel, your paperwork is sorted, your visa stamped and flights ready to go. Now all you have to do is step on to the plane and be ready to start your new adventure.

So, there it is, 10 easy step guide to getting a job in the Middle East. Being a nurse means, you can work anywhere you want. It’s a passport to the world, so why not start your journey now.

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