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CCM’s Guide to Nursing in the Middle East Costs

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Living and working in Saudi Arabia is a once in a life time experience. It is a land of opportunity with more than 2 million expats, one in six of the population. Job openings attract people from Ireland, the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia and the Far East. Yes, it can be challenging & frustrating at times in regards cultural differences. Yet, if you have a sense of adventure and want to experience culture at its rawest, this is the place for you.

Saudi Arabia is a country everyone likes to comment on, often leading to mixed reviews. Before you travel to Saudi Arabia like anywhere else, you need to do your research. Take on board as much information as possible from as many sources as you can. It may surprise you, often the majority, if not all who have been there, tend to really enjoy their experience. It is often people who have not been there and experienced it for themselves that are the most negative. Naturally, this negativity can lead to people feeling apprehensive before travelling. CCM will be there to support you through the process. Our Recruiters have all lived and worked in Saudi Arabia and have great insight to what this is really like.

In a previous CCM blog post we broke down the process for getting a job overseas into a ten-step guide. If you want to refresh your memory or read it in full for the first time, you can read it here. We went through the 10 stages of your application from when you first get in touch to when you travel.

Some of the steps in the process can seem daunting or confusing, and you may wonder what is expected or what if any cost is involved. To make things clearer CCM have compiled a breakdown below of what you can expect when getting ready to start your new position.

Will CCM guide me on what needs to be done once I have accepted my employment offer?

Yes, CCM will work closely with you on each step of the process. Our Processing team are highly skilled and experienced in the application process and will guide you step by step along the way. We strive to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible for you.

Do I pay CCM Recruitment?

No, you don’t pay CCM anything! However, there is some cost involved with different aspects of your application which are listed below.

What DO I Pay for?

  • Medical Examination*
  • Any translations of degree certificates (if not issued in English)
  • Prometric Exam
  • Verification of documents*
  • Registration with the Saudi Council for Health Specialities (on arrival to Saudi Arabia)
  • Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Current Professional Status from your Nursing licencing authority.
  • Attestation of qualification if not issued in UK/Ireland
  • Police Certificate

*may be reimbursable depending on the hospital hired for

A full breakdown of the costs will be given to you by your recruiter once you have been successful in your interview. Costs may vary from country to country.

Translation of Degree Certificates/Transcripts/High School Certificate

If your documents are not in English, you will need to obtain translated copies. The price of this may vary so it’s best to shop around.

What is the Prometric Exam?

The Prometric is an exam to assess your knowledge, skills and ability in your chosen medical specialty. CCM will inform you when the time comes to book your Prometric Exam. The approx. cost $220 USD

Registration with the Saudi Council for Health Specialities (SCHS)

There are a few steps required to obtaining your Saudi Council licence. They are

  1. Mumaris

    (to confirm you meet SCHS Requirements for licensing),

  2. Prometric Exam

  3. Dataflow (this company verifies the education, employment & license documents that you have provided).

Once the above steps have been completed, you will be able to proceed with the final step which is issuance of SCHS license. This stage is completed in Saudi Arabia and costs approx. $224 USD

Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Current Professional Status

This is required towards the end of your processing. You will be informed by CCM when you need to apply for this. The cost will be £34 for NMC registered nurses/€80 for NMBI registered Nurses. Other nursing authorities may have different prices.

Attestation of qualification if not issued in UK/Ireland

Your ORIGINAL Nursing Qualification will need to be attested by the Saudi Embassy in your home country as part of the visa application. A small stamp (like a postage stamp) will be affixed to the back of your original qualification. Costs may vary from country to country.

Police Certificate

Before you can apply for your visa, a police certificate is required from your country of residence. In the UK, this costs approx. £60, while in Ireland it is free. Prices may vary in other countries.

So, there it is; our guide to the costs you can expect when applying for a position in the Middle East. Being a Healthcare professional means you can work anywhere you want.

So what story will your passport tell? Why not start your journey today! Register your details with us by clicking HERE.

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