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Living on the Coast of the Red Sea

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Whether it’s moving intercity, interstate or overseas – what’s the first thing we do? Research the location! This is what you need to know about the sunshine-filled coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Facts

Population: 4 million people

Location: Coast of the Red Sea

Size: Second largest city in Saudi Arabia

Motto: “Jeddah Ghair” – Jeddah is different

Known as the most open city in Saudi

The Beach and Diving

There’s a reason Jeddah is known as the most open city in the Kingdom. Everyone knows that those who live on the beach live a very relaxed life and that’s exactly what Jeddah promotes: relaxation! There’s a number of beaches you can hit on your days off or take a day trip out to the red sea to do some snorkelling, diving, fishing or swimming!


Jeddah has always been quite modern for its time. In the 1970s and 80s there was a big push to bring art into all public areas of Jeddah making the city one of the largest open-air galleries in the world. It’s home to the world’s tallest fountain and most recently they’ve hosted a variety of events including concerts by Mariah Carey and Sean Paul.

Historic Jeddah

You can’t live in Jeddah and not visit the UNESCO listed heritage site of Al Balad which dates back to the 7th Century AD. Wander down narrow alleyways, meet the friendly locals, smell the vibrant spices and hauntingly beautiful calls to prayer.

Food & Dining

Jeddah has always been a port for trade and as such is a very multicultural city. The cuisine reflects this – you’ll be able to find anything from Eastern, Western, African you name it! Being a coastal city it is of course famous for its seafood! A lot of these beautiful restaurants are located right long the Corniche by the waterfront so you can enjoy those cooing sea breezes while you watch that Western sunset.

The Climate

It’s a coastal city so think tropical Queensland. Summers are steamy hitting 43 degrees while winters remain warm at 15-28 degrees. All the more reason to hit the beach and do some diving!

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Living on the Coast of the Red Sea