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My London Nursing Experience

We spoke with an Australian Trained Registered Nurse about her recent move to London. Here is what Rachel had to say about her experience:

How has working in London affected your clinical experience?

Relocated to London (from Australia) has proven perfect to increase my clinical exposure to a new variety of patient populations, conditions and nursing standards. The hospital I now work in has great facilities and an advanced approach to diagnostics and treatment compared to back home. I take advantage of every opportunity to further my skills and expand my professional scope.

Describe your lifestyle in London.

London offer something for everything and I’m trying to make the most of every opportunity. I’m heavily involved in some great social sports clubs with lots of other Aussies and Kiwis to keep active. It was a great way to meet people when I first arrived and we have stayed great friends. The causal ‘pub lifestyle’ has rubbed off on me, I tend to go out more than I would back home. I also love exploring the local food and craft markets on the weekends.

What is your favorite aspect of living and working in London?

Being part of an expat community, I have met people from all over the globe, giving me even more reasons to travel! I love my social network – keeping me busy on days off. I’m always doing something fun like visiting museums and art galleries, going out to pub and gigs and travelling either day trips to the countryside or sea or further afield into Europe. I’m building amazing memories from all my adventures which I would never have achieved if I hadn’t moved to this side of the world.

What have you found the most challenging aspect of living and working in London?

It took me some time to settle in and become accustomed to a new hospital system. When I first started working, I found all the policies so different and wished I could just do things that way I knew how. I found that remembering why I moved, helped overcome this challenge, changing my perspective to take every opportunity as a learning curve and focus on the positives.

Would you encourage others to make the move to London (from Australia or New Zealand)?

YES! I would highly recommend it! The NMC registration process can seem daunting, but it is well worth the effort. You can gain great clinical and professional skills as well as exploring the world. Seeking professional guidance with your nursing registration would be my best tip. It is a long process and I appreciated having somebody checking in on me along the way. Being able to pick up the phone and gain assistance really helped and made the process smoother.

Rachel, RN ICU, London 2016

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