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Nursing Overview - Accommodation In The UK


Where will I live? How do I find accommodation? How much is the rent? What’s a good area? They’re all really important questions! So, we’ve given you a breakdown below.

Where will I live

Most of the hospitals we work with offer free accommodation for the first 2-6 weeks to allow you to settle in and find your feet. After that, you’ll need to find your own accommodation. Where that is depends on your own wants and needs. Ask yourself – Do you want to live closer to the city or in a smaller town? Do you want to live by yourself or with housemates? How many housemates? Travel links with buses and trains are good within the UK within towns and cities but some of the more rural areas will work on a reduced service. It is important to look at the local transport links and find out what bus/rail services you will need to take and if these times coincide with your shift patterns. Hospitals will also provide parking for a fee if you wish to drive, make sure you are checking out how busy the morning/evening commute will be first.

Types of Accommodation

The most common types of accommodation you will find will be flats, studio apartments, semi-detached and terraced houses. As you move out into the suburbs and into the rural areas and villages you will find more multi-bedroom houses but usually with a garden and a bit more space. Depending on what you choose, accommodation can range in price, as with all major cities the closer to the city central you are, the more expensive it will be.

How to find accommodation

Ask if there are longer term housing options with your hospital. Some hospitals have on site nursing accommodation which you can rent, these rental prices will usually include bills and you will have shared living spaces. There are also some more options such as: - for rooms available in shared houses - for properties to rent/buy - for property to rent
• Local estate agents will also advertise properties to rent on their websites
• Find out if your hospital has a staff notice board, sometimes people may advertise rooms/properties for rent.

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