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Nursing Overview - Irish Nursing Registration – Part 3

The Application Process - Step 5
By now, you would have submitted the overseas registration application pack to the NMBI and have patiently waited for that 90 day assessment period to be completed. With some luck and a bit of help from CCM, you’ve also managed to secure yourself employment in Ireland during this time. This means you’ve reached Step 5 – Outcome of Assessment! You’ll receive a letter, the "decision letter" outlining what the outcome of your NMBI application is. There are 4 possible outcomes.

1.Eligible for Registration
This means the NMBI has assessed your application and deemed that you meet all the requirements to become a fully licensed Registered Nurse/Midwife. From here, you will be requested to pay the final registration fee to complete you license (€145 for an annual license). Within 7 – 10 business days NMBI will process this and issue you a Registration certificate. The certificate contains your Full name, PIN number (registration number), Division name and Initial date of registration. Your licensure will then be complete. You will need to renew the license annually.

2.Refused Registration

If you are refused registration, the reasons for this will be detailed in the decision letter. More often than not it is because your undergraduate program significantly fell short of meeting the theoretical and/or clinical hours required by the NMBI. Other reasons for refusal and the appeals process can be found on the NMBI website.

3.Further information required
Your letter may state that further information is required. This can include:

  • An explanation from you about information contained in your application
  • An explanation from a relevant authority about information contained in your application
  • Extra documents the NMBI now needs from either you or the relevant authority

4.Adaptation & Assessment/Aptitude Test
This means, your application has been assessed and you fall just short of the theoretical and clinical requirements to be registered as a nurse/midwife with the NMBI. However, you can complete the adaptation program or the aptitude test to compensate for this allowing you to then proceed to full licensing. You have 12 months from the date of your decision letter to complete either the adaptation program or the aptitude test.

What is Adaptation?
Adaptation is similar to a preceptorship program within an Irish hospital. You will need to secure a placement with an NMBI recognized hospital and travel to Ireland to complete this. The hospital will assign you a Registered Nurse to shadow you for 6 weeks. During this time, you’ll complete various theoretical and clinical competencies. After which you’re nurse educator will submit this documentation to the board so you can become fully licensed. You’ll then proceed to work with that hospital as a fully licensed Registered Nurse.

What is the Aptitude Test?
For hospitals that do not offer the adaptation program, you will need to sit the aptitude test. This a 2 day theoretical and clinical exam conducted through the Royal College of Surgeons for Ireland (RCSI). The test is based on the NMBI Standards and Requirements for Nurse Registration Education Program. Simply put, you’ll be tested on what a newly graduated & qualified nurse in Ireland should know. You will need to fly to Ireland to complete this exam.

How do I organize Adaptation or the Aptitude test?
It all sounds a little daunting right? But we’re here to help :) In our previous blog we mentioned that in Step 4 of the application process – the 90 day Assessment period, CCM can submit your CV to various hospitals in Ireland to secure employment. Submitting your employment application through us during the assessment period of registration, gives you the security of having a job lined up before you travel to Ireland. If you were successful in securing employment, the hospitals we work with will assist you organizing your adaptation or aptitude test should you be required to do so.

Some hospitals will offer the adaptation program, some will require you to sit the aptitude test through the NMBI. Either way, the majority of our hospitals will:

- Assist with your flight to Ireland

- Assist with initial accommodation

- Pay you as a student nurse during the adaptation period/aptitude test

- Pay for the aptitude test if you take this option

- Employ you full time as a Registered Nurse post completion of the adaption period/aptitude test

Chat to a recruitment consultant to see which option would suit you best.

For further information contact

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