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Nursing Overview - Living & Working in the UK

The process of moving overseas to work can take a minimum of 6-12 months; so it is good to plan ahead. If nursing overseas is something you’ve always wanted to do, now might be a great time to consider where you see yourself in 2021 and how to get there.

Fun facts about UK

  • It has a population of approximately 66.65 million.
  • England is famous for its Fish and Chips.
  • Wales is surrounded by sea on three sides.
  • Scotland is home to the tallest waterfall in the UK.

The UK is a vibrant, bustling, multicultural nation. It is famous for its long history, easily seen in tours throughout the UK or in local museums, galleries and heritage sites. Historic landmarks, local music venues, historic theatres and stunning scenery attracts millions of tourists each year. There’s so much to explore in the UK.

Working in the UK requires you to have some post registration experience and you will need to register with the NMC. There are lots of benefits to living and working in the UK, from educational, to travel and making new friends; it really does offer a whole host of new opportunities.

With opportunities to work in the Public or Private sector, there are a range of benefits to working in either. The healthcare system in the UK has been highly ranked. For the next couple of weeks we will be posting a series of blog posts every TUESDAY which will talk about living and working in the UK.


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