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Q&A with Blackrock Clinic Staff Nurse, Pramila Gomes

Name: Pramila Gomes
Nationality: Irish
Position Title: Senior Staff Nurse
Date of Hire: 28 October 2005
Department: Main Theatre

Where are you from? India, Mumbai

Where were you trained? King Edward Memorial Hospital-Mumbai India

Where have you worked before? Mumbai 1994-1998, Bahrain 1998-2003, Bangalore-2003-2005

What previous types of jobs have you done? Besides nursing spent time teaching and child minding for pocket money

When did you travel to Ireland? October-2005

Why did you choose this side of the world? Better standard of working conditions, better pay. I enjoy Irish weather better than back home. Ireland provides a high standard of education, therefore providing a more promising future for my children. Strong family values and importance of family life particularly attracted me to choose Ireland.

What made you make the change? I wished to gain more experience in my professional life and at the same time enjoy happy family life.

What is your current work status? Senior Staff Nurse Main theatre.

Why did you choose Blackrock Clinic? I learned that Blackrock Clinic was the leading private hospital in Ireland. The working condition appealed to me.

Would you encourage others to make the change? Why? If anyone sought my advice about coming to Blackrock Clinic I would encourage them to do so. Why? For all the same reasons that I chose to come to Blackrock Clinic.

How have you managed the change in your life? With good family support as well as work support from management and colleagues helped me overcome most issues.

What challenges have you faced to date? Why? How? It took a while settling into a different workplace, a different culture and a different lifestyle.

Could you comment on the positives that you have found to date and perhaps some of the difficulties? Improved family life. I have achieved a good balance between family and work life. I have acquired my Irish citizenship. In my own personal circumstances, it would be highly desirable to access a long-term visiting visa for my mother-in-law.

What career opportunities have you found here compared to back home?

There is availability to further education. Support from management to fulfil my mandatory courses. Opportunities for career development and progress.

What have you found to be your funniest moment since arriving? A good night out with work colleagues.

How do you spend your leisure time? Gym ,Reading, T.V. Travelling.

What do you do to keep busy? So far working and family life.

Culturally how have you found it? Grand great craic!

What is your overall opinion to date? I am very pleased and happy with my decision.

Interested in joining the Blackrock Clinic Nursing team?

You will need:

  • Nursing Diploma or Degree
  • Registered or eligible for registration with NMBI (Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland)
  • Overseas nurses whose first language is not English, must meet the minimum language competency requirements as defined by NMBI
  • IELTS Test results, which are not less than 2 years old:
    • Listening 6.5;
    • Reading 6.5;
    • Writing 7.0;
    • Speaking 7.0;
    • Overall 7.0

For more information or to apply please contact Roisin O’Sullivan at or Freephone from the UK 0800 2796149

*All posts are full time and permanent. Successful candidates are offered an excellent working environment along with an attractive remuneration package.

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