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Writing guidelines for your C.V.

Advice & Tips

Below you will find our list with the key things you need to consider to make sure your CV shows you in the best possible light.

Personal Details

Do note that many international employers require “fuller” “Personal Details” for future work visa/permit purposes, etc.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Marital Status
  • Contact Details – should include full mailing address, telephone number, fax and e-mail address
  • Notice required to current employer

Education / Qualifications

Please include all academic achievements and include your dates (month and year of degree/fellowship/training). Start with the most recent first.

Professional Registration:
Please include name of Professional Body – plus contact details – along with your registration/licensure number, expiry date, etc.

Employment History

Information to be included for each and every position held – please ensure that there are no chronological gaps in your CV. Likewise, please start with the most recent first. The following information has to be included:-

  • Duration of position-from month and year-to month and year (no need to include date ie. Sept 25th 2001…just Sept 2001 will do!)
  • Brief description of hospital, i.e. Number of beds? Public or private? Teaching hospital? General Hospital? What Tertiary Services? Acute? Trauma Centre?
  • Description of Unit/Ward/Department – bed numbers, case mix, types of patients cared for, Patient/nurse or doctor ratio, work volume etc.
  • Your duties/responsibilities –at least 10 – 15 points: what is your position/title? Reporting to whom? Number of operations performed per annum? Are you full or part-time? Competencies gained? Special equipment used?
  • Describe any managerial experience you have – how many employees did you supervise? On what shifts, and how many hours per week?
  • If you are a Midwife – number of deliveries – personally and in the entire hospital per month, what type of deliveries? If you are a rotating midwife, to what areas, how often?
  • If you are an OR nurse – how many theatres in the hospital? Do you scrub, circulate, recover, anaesthetics? What lists do you do?


Names, job titles and hospital address, telephone, fax number and e-mail of 2 Senior staff. Your referees must all be at least at supervisory level.

Check out our video tutorial to help you prepare a perfect international CV for your upcoming application.

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