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Medical Coordinator, Riyadh

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Medical Coordinator, Riyadh

  • Medical Coordinator, Riyadh
  • Riyadh
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Job Description

Location Overview:  Riyadh is a cosmopolitan and modern city, which combines the traditions of the past and the bright lights of the future. Beautiful shining towers stretch towards the sky, towering over the dusty desert and camels. Luxury cars whiz by on roads as people rush to prayers, a striking blend of modern living and tradition. The Kingdom’s capital boasts some of most beautiful hotels, gourmet fine dining, and quaint cosy cafés.


Job Overview:

Our client is seeking an Administrative, Medical Coordinator to join their team.



Job Summary: Primary Duties

  • Support the Head and supervisors in their routine tasks by coordinating priorities and requirements to the section/department.
  • Attend meetings and take notes on decisions/initiatives set; and follow up with relevant units to ensure compliance
  • Administer operational aspects of the medical services staff such as contracts, leaves, scheduling etc. in coordination with other Hospital Divisions
  • Facilitate sourcing, screening and selection of potential medical services staff
  • Collect required information from unit heads and supervisors and compile them into reports that will support the Medical Services Director in his decisions
  • Performs other related duties as assigned
  • Follows all Hospitals’ approved policies and procedures


Education and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Hospital/Health Administration or other related discipline is required.
  • Four (4) years of related experience with Bachelor Degree is required. 


Some Benefits:

  • Housing accomodation shall be provided by the employer to expatriate employees based on their eligibility and housing availability or Housing allowance 
  • Transportation Allowance 
  • Annual Ticket for Non-Saudi employees and their dependents will be eligible for annual tickets on an annual basis to their point of origin outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ticket Class – Business Class
  • 30 calendar days of paid annual leave 
  • Dependent Education - Up to four eligible dependents between the age of 4 and 19 years old. One (1) installment to be paid, maximum entitlements SAR 30,000/year per eligible dependent
  • Medical care insurance for employees and eligible dependents 
  • Annual Merit Increase 
  • Overtime - An employee working overtime on a regular working day will be compensated time and a half of their base wage per hour (number of hours worked overtime x 150% x wage/hour)
  • End of Service Award 


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